Blockage Drain

Your Blocked Drain Plumber and the Moment of Truth

One of the most annoying and somewhat embarrassing moments is when your plumber pulls out the object that was obstructing your drain. Actually, it can be an anxiety trigger, especially when you know you haven’t been very kind to your home’s plumbing!

But, we all experience a blocked drain and need a plumber to rescue us from the horrid smells and dirty backflow water, so all we can do is grin and bear it when the fault is finally revealed. 

Hopefully, it’s nothing too serious causing the blockage, but either way, Rooter Team can help get to the bottom of the problem and professionally clean your drains. Just give us a call to make an appointment!

It Wasn’t Me! Or Was It?

In a busy family house, simply getting your turn to use the bathroom is challenging enough! So, when there’s a plumbing issue, things can quickly turn to the dark side! 

Every morning you wake up to a closed bathroom door, knocking insistently for whoever has been in there for the past hour to let you relieve yourself, but today, things are a bit different. 

Instead of being met by a closed door, you walk obviously into a pool of water, feeling the cold penetrate through your socks. Something is wrong, you quietly tell yourself, and as you lift the lid of the toilet, every thought and question you had was confirmed and answered. 

Downstairs, the family are sitting around the kitchen table, and the atmosphere is tangibly tense as everyone argues over who clogged the toilet. But, again, as much as we don’t want to find out, it’s up to the plumber to reveal!

So, what are they going to find? Perhaps it’s the baby wipes you’ve been using instead of toilet paper or the multitude of earbuds you go through a week? Oh wait, maybe it’s the sock you accidentally dropped inside the toilet but were too squeamish to fish out? Either way, you’re not looking forward to finding out!

The Moment of Truth

As the plumber goes about inspecting the drains around the home, looking for signs of what may be causing the backflow of water, you’re quietly preparing yourself for the worst. But, thankfully, it was not only one object to pin the blame on. Instead, a thick sludge of grease, leaves, rotting food, and yes, a lonely sock was uncovered to be the cause of the blockage. 

As relieved as you are, you never want to suffer another minute of plumbing disaster anxiety, and you vow then and there to treat your toilet with respect and to only flush appropriate items! Rooter Team’s blocked drain plumbers can restore your toilet’s flush and clear out your drains, so contact us today!