Back Water Valve

 Why You Need To Have a Backwater Valve in Toronto

Every home in Toronto should have a backwater valve to protect the plumbing system from floods or pushback. This is the most vulnerable space when dealing with floods or pushback. However, you can stop any water sewage from making its way back up the pipe and into your home when you have professional, trusted solutions. Read on to find out more about these needed solutions.

Is it Needed?

Single, semi-detached row houses and townhomes require the installation of backwater valves to ensure the correct safety elements are in place. Often required by law and insurance companies, many homes will only receive coverage once proof of an installation has been provided. It is essential for the proper protection of your home and family wellness. 


The two essential parts of this installation are a protective flap and a cleanout. The purpose of the protective flaps is only to allow water to flow in one direction – out of your house, preventing the city sewage from passing back through your pipes into your home. The water and sewage will pass through the system during normal circumstances with the protective flap down. When waste comes up the wrong way, the floating device blocks the pipes and stops water from flowing further. 

Location Installation 

This system should be attached to the main sewer, at the point where it leaves your home. It can sometimes be situated beneath the basement or within yard space. However, the installation will often require an access hole cut into your basement floor to access the main sewer drain. In addition, soil and dirt will need to be removed to install the valve effectively. 

Current Issues

The cleanout cap must be opened to allow access when inspecting the installation. Next, check the protective flap to ensure it’s secure and moving freely. Sharp debris can pass through and damage or get lodged in the flap. Finally, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your backwater valve functions correctly. You should take on maintenance services at least once every three months to ensure ideal operation. 

Do You Have One?

If you live in an older home, your house is potentially without an existing installation. But, it would help if you still got your plumbing system inspected regardless of age because sometimes, steps are missed or skipped in the home building process. For example, a professional plumber must inspect your home to ensure a backwater valve is installed and set up correctly. If you do not already have one, you need to install a backwater valve in your Toronto home. When you have these essential safety elements in place, you can protect your home from sewage and wastewater. Contact us today to find out more about these solutions.