Sewer Line Blockage Reasons


What is a Main Sewer Line Blockage?

Many types of plumbing issues, such as clogged drains, can be tiresome to deal with. However, issues of this nature can be easily resolved. On the other hand, a blockage in your main sewer line is significantly more severe. Main sewer line blockages can be costly and harmful to the home that it is taking place in. With the pipes being submerged underground, it does not make it any easier to repair the sewer line in your home. Clogged sewer line can affect your home’s entire plumbing system and if it is not resolved as soon as possible, the damage will only get worse. Luckily by calling our team at Rooter Team, we can clear out whatever is blocking your main sewer line quickly and efficiently.

What Causes a Main Sewer Line Blockage?

Now that you know what a main sewer line blockage is, you should have an idea of what can cause it. By knowing the causes, you can prevent your home from experiencing a main sewer line blockage. Here are some of its major causes:

  • Tree Root Intrusion
      • Tree roots can easily grow around your sewer line, especially if they constantly get the water that they need to grow. If the area around your main sewer line is full of growing trees, it will be inevitable for your main sewer line to experience a blockage. However, you can counter tree root growth through a couple of ways. The first is by utilizing chemicals that can limit tree root growth. This method will need to be conducted with accuracy to avoid killing the tree. If these chemicals are used for too long, they could also kill the tree. The recommended option is to have the main sewer line installed away from larger trees, or to completely remove the trees from the pipe area. 

  • Fat, Grease and Oils
      • By pouring fat, grease or oils(FOG) down the drain, your drain could get clogged. This may sound surprising as some may believe that FOG are harmless and are meant to be tossed down your drain. However, FOG is far from that as it can easily settle in pipes, once it cools off and becomes a hardened solid. When this happens, a clog is almost guaranteed to take place. The best way to solve this is to avoid pouring FOG down the drain altogether. Also, you can call a professional to conduct consistent drain cleaning, so that your drain stays in working condition. 

  • Installation Errors
      • When installing pipes, everything must be completed with a high attention to detail. This includes using the best materials for the pipes and linking the pipes together in an accurate way. By failing to do so, this can create potential main sewer line blockages. Call Rooter Team today, for accurate main sewer line installation. You will not have to worry about any installation errors taking place.

  • Disruptive Objects
      • Some items such as paper towels, diapers and hair are not meant to go down the drain and can cause serious blockage in your pipes. Solid items can disrupt and block the water flow through the pipes. To avoid this, keep a keen eye on what you are tossing down the drain. You can also use a drain protector to prevent solid objects from going down your drain.


These are the most common causes of a main sewer line blockage and by avoiding/limiting them, you can save yourself from costly and tiresome repairs. If you are currently experiencing a main sewer line blockage however, you should contact a professional for a resolution before the damages get worse. Contact Rooter Team today, for all of your main sewer line cleaning needs.

How do you know if your Main Sewer Line is clogged?

There are a couple of indicators that you might have a sewer line issue:

  • Frequent Drain Backups: if you are experiencing drain backups then you should use a liquid drain cleaner to unclog your drain. Otherwise, if the blockage is more severe then it is recommended to call a professional before the blockage gets worse.
  • More one one plumbing fixture is clogged: if multiple plumbing fixtures are experiencing backup then your main sewer line is luckily to have a blockage.
  • Strange reaction from plumbing fixtures: if you are experiencing any unusual reactions such as a gurgling noise coming from your toilet or bubbling toilet water, then you should contact a professional to assist you with unclogging your sewer drain.