Back Water Valve

What is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve in Mississauga, otherwise known as a sewer backup, is a device you can install on your sewer line as an extra level of protection for your home. This insertion is designed to allow water or sewage to flow only one way, namely out of your home and into the public system. When backlog and issues occur many are concerned about backup through the plumbing. These ensure that certain elements are kept directional and cannot be impacted by elements further down the pipes. This can be an addition to some spaces, and a legal requirement in others, but it has a number of functional benefits you can enjoy. 

How Does It Work?

An installation like this is an ideal way to keep your sewage flowing in one direction at all times. An insurance policy against any rise in sewage levels, this is a steadfast defense for your property and plumbing system. In most cases you can check to see if it’s working properly by looking through the clear cover on the access box, giving you access and insight into the security of your system. Inside the design is a small flap that is normally open allowing water to exit your home whenever is needed. The flotation devices measure the rising water levels and when it does or sewage begins to flow back into the system, these floaters cause the flap to lift up and close. With the system closed off, nothing can get back up the pipe and the system is protected from the backup. When the external pressure falls away the floats will return to their original place and the flap will open again. This is a simple yet highly effective method of protecting your home for these issues. 

Existing Homes 

If this device is being put in an existing home, as opposed to being installed in the initial construction, you may need specific certification or permits to get everything done. One of our licensed plumbers will have to cut a hole in the floor to access the system, often near to an existing inlet. They will dig down to the main sewer line, cut out a portion, and replace it with the new installation. 

When you have a backwater valve Mississauga you can ensure your home against a backflow or surge from your sewer lines. When you have these installed you have effective protection against issues arising from within your pipes. Contact us today to find out more about these services!