Back Water Valve (BWV) is one most valuable items that you can have in your basement in opinion of people experienced basement flooding.

      Do you hear this word in a first time? If yes and you are home or property owner then thankfully you’ve never dealt with basement flooding. But if your basement was flooded by sewer back up then most likely you have BackWater Valve installed already, if not, CONTACT US TODAY.

     Back Water Valve is a “device” and a part of plumbing system that installed in your sanitary building drain/sewer as a last connection after all fixtures in a dwelling. The BWV’s task is to let the waste drain out freely and eliminate backing up of sewage from street by closing your pipe. The BWV should be installed by plumbing code and your municipal requirements and also be a properly maintained. The installation of BWV is mandatory to all new installations, but still many of old houses have it not installed.

     Reside in GTA? GTA has experienced several big floods. Every heavy rain may prompt a flooding across Greater Toronto Area, because many areas in GTA have combined systems for storm and sanitary sewers. Zones of high risk to be flooded. Other reason that can lead to a back up is failure of sewer pipe on city. The best guarantee that your nice basement is protected against sewage flooding is having a BWV installed and proper maintaining of BWV. Having a BWV makes cheaper your home insurance.

   Don’t let the flood to come into your house, because cleaning up after is expensive and labour intensive job that makes lots of inconvenience to property owners. You’ll be replacing your furniture, tearing out walls and floor, but this is not over yet. With sewage back up you can get a deadly bacteria E. coli and others that are not very easy to get rid off. 

Just ask yourself: Should I wait for a flood or get ready for it? Ask our licensed technician if you need a sump pump installation