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Do you have old pipes that need replacing? Rooter Team is happy to provide you with water service upgrades and repairs!

When examining your home’s plumbing system, you will come to find out that it consists of different water sub-systems such as your water supply system and drainage system. Each of these subsystems plays a role in the functionality of your plumbing system.
Here are the specifics of the water supply system:
  • Water Supply System: The water supply system supplies water from the closest water treatment plant through the local water pipelines and into your home. The piping then splits into two different layouts. One of these layouts carries water directly to your water softener (if you have one) and then it goes through hot water pipes to your water heater for fixtures that require hotter water. Cold water is separately routed to fixtures such as sinks and toilets.
Unlike your drain pipes, which operate by gravity, your water supply pipes are smaller and undergo stronger water pressure. This causes your water supply pipes to be more vulnerable to damages and leaks due to pressure.
Getting installation for water service to your home is the homeowner’s responsibility, even though the city can supply water for residential use. If you believe that your water line is not working accordingly, you should contact us for a water service upgrade and repair.

How do I know if I need a water service upgrade and repair?

Your water supply system has an increasingly small pipe diameter as the supply pipes branch out from the main water and into your home. This puts the main water pipes under significant water pressure which can be more than your sink faucet, toilets and other appliances can handle. However, as the water transports from the water main to primary supply lines and then to secondary supply lines, the water pressure drops to a reasonable amount.

Here are the main benefits of a water service upgrade and repair:
  • New water meter
  • Old pipe replacement
  • Resolution of water leaks
  • Increase in water pressure

Changing your lead pipes:

In previous times, lead was used for a variety of plumbing based appliances such as your water service supply pipes, drainage pipes, shower stall safes and water closet connections. Lead pipes were frequently used up until the end of the 1920s, however, some of the older houses in Toronto still utilize lead pipes. This can have effects on your home’s running water as your water can pick up some of the lead content directly from the pipes. To limit lead pickup in your water, you should:

  • Run for water for 30 seconds to a minute before using it, this will draw off the water that has been sitting in your pipes for an extended period 
  • Avoid using hot tap water for cooking as it can draw in more lead from the pipes
  • Install a water filter to remove lead

If you can replace your lead pipes with copper piping, this will not only improve your water quality, it will also avoid the contamination from lead.

How can water pressure be affected by rusted pipes?

The main determinants of your water pressure are based on water pressure at the main and the volume of water, which is based on the pipe size. The diameter of a water supply pipe or service line can have a diameter that is as small as half an inch in diameter. The pipe could also be corroded due to long-term use of the pipes. While water pressure cannot be directly changed, the sizing of your pipes can be changed. By changing the sizing of your main water supply pipe, it can increase your water pressure significantly. 

Pipes can also close down due to corrosion, causing the volume of the pipes to drop. This can result in low water pressure. To resolve this, it is best to replace the pipe. To replace the pipe, a trench from the property line must be dug connecting to your home. The route of where the pipe connects your supply pipe to your main shut off valve can be determined by a plumbing professional. An alternative route may also be created if it is easier to install the new pipes going to your home.

Low Water Pressure

Are you experiencing low water pressure? You may need to replace your pipes.

How will we conduct the new pipe installation?

To upgrade your pipes we will utilize the trenchless rehabilitation method. This method uses sliplining and thermoformed pipe lining which pulls a new liner through an existing pipe then it applies heat and pressure to cause the pipe to expand. This makes it easier to remove older pipes and insert newer pipes.

What should I do if I need a water service upgrade and repair?

We recommend that you contact our plumbing professionals at Rooter Team to determine the best solution for your limited water service. Whether you have lower water pressure or need to replace your lead pipes, our professionals at Rooter Team will be happy to help.

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