Leaking, Frozen or Burst Pipe Repairs

leaking frozen burst pipe repairs torontoWhen winter rolls around, homeowners have to gear up and be prepared for all the problems they will have to face in that season. The cold and other weather conditions in the winter affect the home in so many different ways. In the plumbing world, plumbing pipes usually freeze, which can lead to it bursting in your home. This is clearly a big problem since this can cause a significant amount of damage to your home, your plumbing system, and everything the water comes into contact with. Knowing what to do and how to react can save a lot of money on repairs and keep damages to a minimum.

How to Know You Have This Problem, and How to Deal with It:

There are various ways to know that you have this problem. Since most plumbing in the home runs through the walls, if there are water marks or water leaks coming from the baseboards then there is an obvious sign of a problem.

Turn off the water once you see there is a leak, this is done so that the water cannot further affect the damaged space. To do this, you need to locate the water meter. Turn the valve, in order to shut the water off. You must do the same for the toilet supply. But that valve is found near the wall behind the tank.

Tips on How You Can Try to Avoid This Problem:

  • First you need to pay attention to the temperature since water starts changing from liquid to solid at 4.11 C degrees.
  • Turn your outdoor hose faucets – in the house at the isolation valves
  • Open up your hose faucets and leave them open for the rest of winter – this is so that the remaining water will come out
  • Disconnect all hoses from the hose faucets – leftover water can freeze and cause burst pipes
  • If you have an irrigation system (which is an automatic sprinkler system) then make sure that your lines get blown out by an irrigation professional
  • Winterize your hose faucets (frost free or regular ones)
  • Make sure that the pipes that are located in exposed and vulnerable places are kept above freezing (garages, outside walls)

If you suddenly have no water in your house in winter time, then it’s a sign that your water service pipe remains above the frost line.

Or, if you have a crack in your water service and water is shooting under the ground, we still can solve this issue for you.

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