pipe camera inspection torontoOUR TEAM WILL SHOW HOW YOUR PIPES LOOK INSIDE

When dealing with drain/sewer problems it is a little difficult since the problems are underground and not visible to the naked eye. However, there is now a way to easily identify the problem and speed up the process of finding a solution.

A Video Camera Inspection is one of the most useful tools in a plumber’s arsenal. If you have an issue with your drain / sewer that isn’t clear on the surface, a camera inspection will help find what’s causing the problem.

Camera Inspections are an excellent way to detect a variety of obstructions or potential restrictions to the proper flow of drainage. There are many factors that can cause problems with your drains and pipes.

Things like tree roots can damage your drainage system, and when a camera inspection finds it the plumbers will know the exact location which will minimize cost, mess, and time. Also, blockages and buildup caused by hair and grease can turn into serious problems, and the camera can isolate the area for the plumber to work with. The camera will also see damaged pipes and the types of damages that the pipe has.This again will help the plumber focus on that particular spot that needs to be replaced.

Other possible factors include:

  • bad connections
  • broken tiles
  • negative grade sloping
  • offset joints

and etc..

Using video cameras, not only can the plumber often prevent future problems, but it gets to the root of your problem without causing more damage to your home. With traditional plumbing inspections, plumbers have to find where the problem is first, this process can be quite messy and expensive since they might have to open up walls or yards. But with the video camera inspection they know exactly where the problem is, which minimizes the mess.

Signs that you should have a Video Camera Inspection:

Slow Drains – If you’ve tried to unclog the drain and it isn’t working, you should call a plumber. With the camera inspection they will see what the cause is.

Bad Smell – When there is a sewer like smell coming from your drains it is never a good sign. There could be a clog forming or a leak in the sewer line. Either way, the camera inspection will quickly identify what the problem is.

Spikes in your Water Bill – When you see that one month your water bill is higher than usual, this could be a sign that you have a leak somewhere. The camera will allow the plumber to locate where the leak is fast before more damage can be done.

Water Main – If the city calls in regards to your water main and tells you there is a problem, then you need to act fast and call a plumber. The camera inspection will quickly find where and what the problem is.

Having a Video Inspection is good for a lot of different occasions too. If your buying a new home and want to see if there are any potential plumbing problems. If you dropped something valuable down your drain, a video inspection can help quickly find it. Or if you simply want to inspect your pipes so that you catch minor issues before they become a big and expensive problem.