Trenchless Drain Repair

Trenchless Drain Repair

Pipe Bursting Of Existing Drain/Sewer

Trenchless technology is the most modern method of rehabilitating broken pipes that are buried deep underground. 

Pipe bursting is a no-dig solution that can effectively replace broken pipes in multiple locations.  

The preferred trenchless method for replacing a very damaged or corroded pipe is called pipe bursting. Pipe bursting machines are equipped with specialized nozzles designed to break the pipe apart as they move through it. The pieces of the pipe are then pushed into the ground surroundings, removing the need for cleanup and clearing the way for the new pipe.

The new pipe is attached to the back of the pipe bursting nozzle, so the freshly created space is immediately filled with a new, working line. All of this takes place from above ground, and the pipe needing replacement is accessed through a small access hole so the disturbance to the surrounding property is minimal. The pipe bursting head is fed down into the line through these access points, and guided through from above ensuring accuracy. 


It Fixes Damaged Pipes

Collapsed, corroded, root infested pipes.

Shifted joints and leakage of sewage wastewater. 

Minimal Excavation

Just 2 excavations are needed for trenchless drain repair and what’s between is replaced without digging.

Less Time Consuming

 With new trenchless technology, pipe bursting can take hours. It’s truly the best — and cleanest — of your sewer pipe repair options. 

More Cost Effective

It’s less labour intensive then regular trenching. Less disruption is made to your loan what means  you don’t have to pay to replace a large portion of landscaping that has been taken apart. 

How It Works

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