Backwater Valve

The Purpose Of A Backwater Valve In Your Home

Considering hiring professionals to install a backwater valve in your Toronto home? We help you understand why it’s such an essential part of plumbing in Toronto and can be required by law.

With a better understanding of this system, you can ensure your home is up to code. Read on to learn more about backwater valves and their purpose in your home.

Manages Excessive Rain

If you experience high amounts of rain or live in an area that is prone to flash flooding or high waters, then these plumbing systems are very much required to keep your home safe.

While most cities in these regions will tend to focus on their sewage and drainage systems, it is best to have your backup plan in motion to ensure nothing can make its way into your home in the worst of weather conditions. This system ensures that when the city sewers flood or overflow, you still have something to stop the sewerage from hitting your house.

Existing Sump Pump

Drainage systems tend to change in the home depending on the area, when it was built, and the last renovations. Due to this, each home has its own needs and requirements when it comes to working with the system within. Sump pumps are most often used in buildings where the foundations of the building itself sit below the level of the water table. This means that drainage must occur both upward and outward in order to keep the foundations dry.

While the system is a way to avoid flooding, it is not without fault along the way. A backwater valve will act as a backup in the case of system failure in the pump, which often occurs when heavy weather causes the table to rise and fall rapidly.

Up To Code

These safety measures are becoming mandatory in Toronto homes, so ensure you are compliant with local laws and meet the requirements. There are some city benefits, like rebates, that you may qualify for in certain areas just for having one of these installed.

If you live in an older home, you may require an upgrade as the older system may be out of code. These systems, like everything else in your home, should be maintained and inspected at least every six months to ensure proper operation.
When you install a backwater valve in Toronto, you ensure your home is up to code and meets local expectations. These safety precautions work to keep your home safe and protected.

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