The Mysteries of Your Clogged Sink in Toronto

Battling a clogged sink in Toronto can get messy, but that’s why we are here to help! Rooter Team will resolve the blockage before disaster ensues, so give us a call today!

You’ve been smelling something rather off putting for a few days now, but you just cannot place your finger on where it’s coming from. Granted, you’ve recently adopted a puppy that is not yet house trained, your kids are not the most diligent with keeping their pet hamster’s cage clean and you know the garbage disposal has its issues, so you do your best to mask the smells as best you can, even though the uncertainty of their origin is keeping you awake at night with a bottle of air freshener at the ready. 

Still, the horrid smell persists, and it lingers throughout the house as if something were rotting inside the walls. So, the investigation begins. You start with a new set of bright yellow gloves, waging war on your home with the most potent detergents you can find. After scrubbing every inch of your home, you finally go to refresh with a glass of water; only, before you turn the kitchen tap on, it dawns on you – the sink! 

Hiding in Plain Sight

It’s undeniably easy to shift blame when our senses are assaulted with putrid smells, and most times, we don’t give it a second thought. It was probably just the dog, we say, oftentimes allowing humour to overshadow the fact that our home’s unfortunately do not smell like a bed of roses. 

But, although there are many culprits to bad smells in the home, the offputting, determined and stomach-turning ones are typically cause for concern. The most common is a clogged sink. 

From the kitchen to the bathroom, drains are integral to how well your home’s plumbing system functions. So, when something causes a blockage, you are almost guaranteed to be sent a smelly message that you need a professional plumber immediately. Things such as food scraps, grease, hair, soap scum, and sanitary towels being flushed down the toilet can all cause a clogged sink, but removing it and cleaning out your pipes is best left to the professionals.

Bad smells are inevitable, and to make things worse, they are often hiding in plain sight, such as the chicken bone that’s been blocking your garbage disposal for the last week! But, with a bit of guidance and expertise from your local plumber, you can quickly restore your home to a sanctuary of freshness with well-working plumbing that no longer keeps you awake at night!

All you need to do is give Rooter Team a call so you can finally put your clogged sink in Toronto behind you!