Backwater Valve

Signs You Should Install a Backwater Valve in Toronto

Do you need to install a backwater valve in Toronto? Many people are unaware of whether or not they even have a solution on their property or if they should look at getting one put in. When dealing with certain conditions, it is integral to your safety at home to have one of these devices put in place. As a protective element that keeps your home and plumbing safe, read on to see if you have any signs that you should purchase one for your property. 

Your Home Receives a Lot of Rain

If you experience heavy rainfall throughout the year, or even the occasional flash flood, then installing a backwater valve is necessary for your safety and often by law. While most cities in these areas will prioritize their sewage and drainage systems to ensure they can handle the expected capacity, having your protection ensures your home’s safety even when the city safety precautions fail. Instead, be proactive and install a backwater valve. That way, your home will be protected from flood water coming back up through the sewers and drainage pipes, which could permanently damage your home.

Your House Uses a Sump Pump

Sump pumps are generally used in houses where the water table rests above a home’s foundation, meaning that the water needs to be pumped and drained uphill, usually into grass or a garden area. While sump pumps themselves are a way to avoid floods, they are not foolproof machines by themselves. A backwater valve will act as a backup if the situation worsens when the water table rises and falls dramatically around your property. The pump relies on electric power and can fail in harsh conditions, whereas this solution ensures a steadfast level of security that will automatically fall into place. 

You Do Not Have An Existing Solution 

These safety solutions are becoming increasingly mandatory in homes, which may mean that the decision may be made for you at the end of the day. You can also qualify for municipal rebates and deductible elements as a result. If you lived in an older home before the law was introduced, you might have to install one to keep your house up to code. Like everything in your home, this system will need to be maintained, which is why it needs cleaning and inspection at least every six months.  

If you want to install a backwater valve in Toronto, find professionals who can help you. With our team, we can assist you and ensure you fully understand how these elements can help you. Contact us today to find out more.