Pipe Repairs

Signs You Need Pipe Replacement in Toronto

Pipe replacement services in Toronto help you protect your home and your family’s health. When you want professional solutions that can maintain the standard of your home, we can support your plumbing and protect the health of your space. Whether taking care of leaks or burst sections, read on how we can help you. 

Water Discoloration

Unless you’re under a boil order, use well water, or live in a rural area, discoloured water is usually a cause for concern. This brown or dark water results from corrosion in your pipes, leaving rust as the water runs through them. If left untreated, the build-up of debris and minerals can cause clogs, and in turn, a pressure increase can result in a burst section. Under continual stress, the lines eventually burst, causing catastrophic damage. If you think your water may be impacted by rust or corrosion, you need to get professional support right away before your water quality suffers further.

Pipe Material

Depending on your home’s year, different materials were probably used for the plumbing system. While most newer methods utilize brass, copper or PVC for tubing, older systems would have used cast iron, lead, and galvanized steel, but most would have been upgraded. Regardless of the material, each product has a life span that you should know to gauge to decide when you need maintenance.

Low Water Pressure

It’s hard to pinpoint the cause of low water pressure during a shower or sink. You could have a clog in your plumbing, or your pipes could have leaks or pinholes that reduce the water pressure. Leaky pipes can damage your foundation and framing, causing wood rot and mould growth. Mould affects your air quality, which isn’t easily fixed without extra appliances such as an air purifier. 

Use Exposed Sections as Guidelines

If your house is 60 years old or older, there’s a significant chance you have exposed pipes somewhere in the home. Typically, piping will run through the basement, giving you insight into the condition of the lines throughout the house. Check the water in all areas of the home for discoloration, flaking, dimpling, bumps, or any other elements that should not be present. Pooling water or excess moisture within a space can also indicate an underlying leak or issue. This alerts you of corrosion or lines that aren’t sealing correctly. Pipe replacement in Toronto can help you support your health and wellness at home. With professional solutions, you can implement the most effective solutions to take care of any issues with your home plumbing. Contact us today to find out more.