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Signs of a Blocked Sewer Line

Do you want to know how to clean out sewer lines? A sewer line is essential because it transports wastewater to the nearest treatment plant, which helps to keep the urban environment clean. The drains will slow down or stop entirely if the main sewage line becomes clogged. Furthermore, broken pipes and debris can build up in the sewer system, obstructing it. Blockages will ultimately find their way into your gutters, even if you flush your drains regularly. Our skilled plumbers at RooterTeam, a professional clogged drain business, will ensure that your problems are revealed.

Indications of a Blocked Sewer Line

Wastewater is a health hazard that requires professional attention. If a foul odour emanates from the sink, toilet, tub, or shower, it may clog your sewage line.

  • You may have a main sewer line clog if your toilets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs or showers in your home routinely fail to drain without the use of a plunger or a chemical drain cleaner.
  • Slow Drains – When you discover that most of your drains have slowed down simultaneously, this is a clear symptom of a sewer obstruction. Check all of your low-lying fixtures if you suspect a drain blogging.
  • Numerous Fixtures Are Involved – If you flush the toilet and your bathtub fills up with water, or if you run your washing machine and your toilet overflows, you most likely have a blockage someplace.
  • Strange Noises – Does your toilet gurgle after each flush? Do you hear creaking sounds or other unusual noises coming from the walls or floors when you run the water in the sink or turn off the shower? If this is the case, it may clog one of the sewer pipes.
  • Rising And Falling Water Level In The Toilet – If the water in your toilet rises and falls for no apparent cause, you most likely have an issue with your main sewage drain pipes. Drain your bathtub or kitchen sink to see if it affects the water level.
  • External Concerns – Examine the outside of your house for water puddles (especially if it hasn’t rained in a while), unpleasant odours, yellow and brown spots on your lawn, and exposed tree roots that appear to be too close to your house.

Sewer lines can become clogged for a variety of reasons. Unclogging them yourself, on the other hand, can exacerbate the problem. Therefore it’s usually best to consult a professional plumber. To learn more about cleaning out sewer lines, get in touch with RooterTeam right away!