Retrofit A Backwater Valve

Should I Retrofit A Backwater Valve?

Planning ahead for spring rains is always a good idea because 1 minute it’s the holidays and then the next minute spring is here! You will appreciate a backwater valve in Toronto when heavy downpours strike as that is when blocked drains and backed-up sewers present themselves.

Set an appointment for your local caring, professional Toronto plumbing team [insert contact page hyperlink] to come around and conduct a camera inspection, a hot water heater inspection and service and install a backwater water valve to avoid water damage.

Do You Need A Backwater Valve?

If your home is newly built in Toronto then you have a backwater valve. If it is a few years old you might not have one.  If your flooding records show a zero to date then you are a lucky homeowner. Basement flooding is a big problem and one that can be avoided! Every spring, phones ring off the hook at plumbers and flooding contractors, with owners desperate for help.

Our answer: yes you need a backwater valve.

What Triggers It To Work?

Valve stays deactivated as long as the waste water leaving your house is flowing towards the municipal mains (sewers and drains). If these mains become overloaded or blocked then the city’s sewage or dirty water will try to flow back into your home. If there is no valve, the filthy water will start coming up your shower, bath, basin and sink drain holes as well as toilet and laundry equipment.

As the reversed flow arrives it causes floaters on the valve to rise to meet the flow thereby raising the valve and shutting the pipe.

Is It High Maintenance?

These property saving, clever inventions are very low on maintenance as they have very few moving parts. An annual inspection will suffice and this inspection should be happening annually of all your plumbing to avoid disasters.

The inspection might reveal some debris build up which can be easily removed and return the valve to perfect working order. 

Is It Expensive?

Preventing disasters is never expensive in retrospect when you stand there calculating all the damage was prevented by this amazing piece of equipment.  It is not possible to supply a standard fee quoted off the cuff though as there are a variety of factors that affect the pricing, regardless of whether the quote is for a retro-fit or for a new build.

The first factor is the position of your own home’s sewer line, not only the direction it runs but how deep it is dug down into the ground. The 2nd factor is whether it is an easy dig or whether vacuum evacuation is needed which avoids damage to services. If it is ascertained that a sump pump or sump pit is also needed then that would be factor number 3.  Lastly, if you are a qualifier for any rebate programs from the municipality then this obviously drops the overall cost. 

Contact your local professional plumbing team at Rooter Team who can carefully evaluate your situation and provide you with a free, comprehensive estimate of the costs involved. We can swiftly get your Toronto property protected with a back water valve installation. Our enthusiastic team is highly trained, licensed and experienced with back water valves!