What Causes A Sewer Back Up?

A sewer backup is something to avoid at all costs to ensure the safety of your home in Brampton. When there are blockages or issues within the plumbing system, they can stop the flow and cause the waste to work its way back up the pipes. This can be the same for your property’s main plumbing lines and surrounding areas. 

There are several reasons for these issues, from debris in the flow, to trees and roots growing into the sewer space. However, there are ways to protect your home from these issue exists. 

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Blockages Due To Tree Roots

Bushes and trees looking for moisture can make their way into sewer line cracks causing extensive damage to the piping. They may start small, getting into a small crack in the pipe, but as the plant grows, so do the roots. Tree roots can enter the service pipe at joints and cause blockages throughout the system. They can also travel a long way, causing issues for single properties or entire areas at once. As they make their way into the smaller pipes of household plumbing, they can easily cause a blockage. 

If you suspect that city trees are responsible for sewer line damage, your plumber can contact the city and samples of the roots will be used to help identify the trees responsible. Sometimes a blockage results from a combination of city and private trees. In this case, costs are split between the city and the property owner whose trees are wreaking havoc.

Sanitary Main

If the blockage is not detected in time, sewage from the main can back up into homes and businesses through floor drains. Usually, this happens slowly, giving the owner time to call a licensed plumber. 

When you notice issues, build-up, or foul odours coming from your drains or plumbing, you should call in professionals to find the root of the issue. 

Water In Your Basement

Most basement flooding is not related to the sanitary sewer system. In many cases, soil settles adjacent to the building and, if not corrected, leads to rainwater flowing towards the building and outside the foundation wall. This is particularly true in older buildings where cracks may have developed in the foundation or floor slab, which allow water to enter the basement. Cement floors and basement walls may have deteriorated to the point that they are no longer waterproof. Thus, water can show up in a basement with no water problem. 

However, when there is water present in the basement, it can cause issues within the plumbing system and allow for sewerage to seep into the area. 

Sewer back up in Brampton needs to be handled by skilled professionals who can get the job done right. With the issues managed and blockages cleared, you can ensure the safety and consistent water flow within your home.  

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