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Resolve Your Drainage Issues With Plumbing Services in Brampton

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The last thing you want for your Brampton home is a water drainage problem, especially when water starts flowing back into the house! Many factors contribute to these types of issues, but we can help! 

Your home’s drainage system can easily become compromised when plumbing fixtures are misused, leading to blockages, cracked pipes and eventually a hazard on your hands. This is why it cannot be stressed enough that the drainage system in your home should be used with care, and only appropriate items should be disposed of down the drain. 

We know that convenience often rules over logic, but these can lead to costly damages and repairs in the long run, especially when it starts to interfere with your drainage system. So, if you have poor drainage in your Brampton home, get in touch with Rooter Team today. 

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Your Toilet Is Not A Magic Portal! 

OK, this is an embarrassing topic, but it’s often the origin of many drainage problems within a home, so we need to shine some light on it! Toilets are often the most misused plumbing fixture in the home. We use too much toilet paper, discard feminine hygiene products and baby wipes, and children use it as a fishing bowl with their action figures. 

The most important thing to remember is that even if you think the toilet will flush it away, it probably won’t, and if it does go down, it will likely cause significant problems. So, if it’s not toilet paper, it shouldn’t be going into the bowl! 

Blockages in your main sewer line can result in a backflow of water that prevents your home’s drainage systems from operating properly. As a result, your kitchen sink won’t drain, the shower will flood, and the toilet will eventually overflow. 

These issues are likely the last things you want to deal with, especially when sewage water seeps into the mix. Our best advice is to invest in a thorough pipe cleaning by a professional plumber, and install a backwater valve to prevent water from flowing back into your home. 

In addition, practice care when using your home’s plumbing fixtures and only flush toilet-friendly items!

With Rooter Team’s professional drainage services in Brampton, you can rest assured that your plumbing systems will run at optimal efficiency. 

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