Your bathtub is one of the most frequently used areas in your home. This makes it very susceptible to mold and leaks. Not sure when your bathtub is leaking or molding? Here are some of the main signs that indicate that you should replace your bathtub:
  • Staining
    • Older bathtubs will usually have permanent stains and this could become a problem for the condition of your bathtub down the line.
    • Rust stains can cause even more trouble due to rust corrosion, it is recommended to replace the rusted part on your bathtub as soon as possible

  • Leaks or cracks
    • If you notice any leakage or cracks around your tub or showers then this could indicate a pool seal and can cause mold damage in the process. If the water is not flowing straight from your faucet to your bathtub, then you have a leakage problem

  • Slow water pressure or drainage
    • If the water coming out of your tub is slow, then you likely have corroded pipes. If you have a clog that cannot be easily fixed by only clearing out debris from your drain, then you should contact a plumber on how to resolve the clog.

  • Old hardware 
    • If your hardware is chipping, rusting or showing other signs of getting old, then you should look to upgrade it because it could become a potential hazard when showering or bathing.

  • Poor water quality
    • If your water is a strange colour or foul-smelling then there could be a problem with your pipes or water heater if the problem is persistent.

  • Mould 
    • If you notice a mould build up in your bathroom then this could indicate a faulty or worn sealing. Not only does it look ugly but it could potentially affect your health by causing breathing problems, rashes, allergies, migraines and nervous system issues. To avoid this you should upgrade your bathroom and contact a plumbing professional to avoid the mould damaging other parts of your house.

  • Is your tub too small?
    • If your tub is too small this could cause you trouble in getting in and out, or it could cause you to slip which is an uncomfortable experience for you. The solution for a cramped bathtub would be to get a replacement.

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