A Blocked Drain Cleaner

Reasons You May Need A Blocked Drain Cleaner

A blocked drain cleaner can be needed for a multitude of reasons. As a solution that ensures your home is running smoothly, this expert option allows you to rest easy knowing your home and property is taken care of. Be sure to take note of these elements to reduce the time your plumber has to spend handling these issues. Read on to find out more. 


Most of the time hair can cause chaos for a plumbing system. It’s a moderately easy task to simply remove the clogging element, but if it’s not cleared up straight away it can cause a lot of issues down the line through organic rot and climbing of matter down the system. Hair falling off the body in the shower or while getting ready over the sink and in the bathroom is one of the most common causes of blocked drains, especially when you have longer hair.

Plants and Dirt

Natural debris like trees, shrubs, dirt and leaves can be an issue for water systems, especially when they make their way through the ground and into breaks or leaks. If you have a more regular garden maintenance service that keeps your outdoor area looking great, it is essential that they commonly clean outside drains and areas as well. Leaves aren’t the only culprit, however, roots from trees are notorious for growing underneath in search of water and as a result, will usually head straight to your pipes.

Grease Build-up

Like hair in the bathroom, grease and fat will build-up in the kitchen sink over time and create a dense clog that can solidify over time. These fatty materials are a very common cause of blockages in pipes and can be a hard job to clear out when left for extended periods of time. Any grease or fatty substance that is washed down the sink will stick to the inside of the pipes and will eventually close the space completely.

Finding the right solution as a blocked drain cleaner can be a hassle when you try to do it yourself. However with professional help on the scene you can ensure that your system is running at peak performance at all times. Clogs can come from a number of places and a trained person can inspect it and get the job done right at all times, without making it worse. Be sure to contact the experts when you want to find out more about the services we offer today!