Put Down The Plunger, We’ve Got You Covered!

Your home’s plumbing can be full of surprises, but there’s an emergency plumber in Toronto that is ready to assist at any time: Rooter Team! 

When the toilet overflows, your walls are damp and moldy, or your water bill is unrealistically high, it can be extremely frustrating as these issues disrupt many of your household duties and responsibilities. 

Then there are the many accidents that can occur to your plumbing infrastructures, such as objects falling into the drain or children flushing things down the toilet! 

Sure, we can handle the occasional dripping faucet or smelly drain ourselves, but when water starts flowing out of all the wrong places, it presents an entirely new set of challenges that only a professional plumber can resolve! 

Leaks, burst pipes, overflowing drains, water backup, and clogged toilets all constitute an emergency. As embarrassing as some of these may be, it is extremely important to contact an emergency plumber immediately before further complications arise or you experience water damage to your property and valuable belongings. 

No matter the emergency on hand, Rooter Team will help! Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment, or call our emergency plumber for immediate assistance! 

When Water Should Be Going Down, But It’s Not

One of the biggest plumbing fears people tend to have is an overflowing toilet. Whether in the privacy of your own home or in a guest bathroom at an elite facility, we often find ourselves praying for the water to go down with complete desperation to avoid an embarrassing situation. 

Of course, no one wants dirty toilet water all over their shoes or, worse yet, on their brand-new bathroom carpet that set them back quite a bit in their monthly budget. What do you do in a public restroom when your stall starts flooding with water? Do you make a run for it? As funny as it may be to imagine, it can be quite an awkward experience in reality, and probably one you’ll never outlive! 

However, this is why there are rules to guide you on what you should and should not flush down the toilet. Simply put, toilet paper is the only appropriate thing to flush, but we can also understand the unfortunate conundrums and curios children, which is why we offer emergency services to get you out of the messy situation as quickly as possible! 

So, if your home’s plumbing has waged war with you, you don’t have to fight back with duct tape and a plunger. 
Instead, call your leading Toronto emergency plumbers and let Rooter Team fix your problem!