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Protect Your Toronto Area Home With A Backwater Valve and Preventative Measures

The first rule of plumbing is that sewage flows downhill. However, when it’s not following the rules, you will need a backwater valve in the Toronto area. 

Having your home flooded with sewage water is a thing of nightmares. Sure, you go about your everyday life knowing that your home is not equipped with a backwater valve, but in your defence, you never anticipated that you would ever have to experience the mess and destruction of a sewage backflow into your home. You’ve never had any issues with your home’s plumbing before, and the installation process just felt completely unnecessary. 

Out team of professionals are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to create a backwater valve for your property. You won’t be sitting with irreparable water damage to your home and belongings if you do! 

Avoiding flooding on your property takes preventative measures, one of which is the professional installation and maintenance of a backwater valve. Call Rooter Team today!

Other Ways To Protect Your Home From Flooding

When water builds up, it can be almost impossible to compete with its force. So, when the rain is pelting down and the drains are filling up, the only thing standing between you and a flooded property is whatever preventative measures you have invested in. 

Consider putting these measures in place to protect your home from flood damage: 

Evaluate your home’s flood risk and invest in a flood insurance policy. It may not seem like a hands-on approach, but it is an excellent way to ensure you can rebuild if your home suffers from flood damage. 

Evaluate your property’s drainage. The ground around your home should slope away from your foundation. If water tends to pool around your property, consider speaking to a contractor to resolve the issue. 

Consider dry-proofing your house. Dry-proofing aims to seal up your home against floodwater. If the water cannot enter your home, it will dramatically decrease the extent of post-flood damages. 

Schedule frequent drain and pipe inspections. Your home’s drains and pipes need to be cleared of blockages and damage to ensure water can flow easily. In addition, you should have your home’s plumbing inspected by a professional at least once every year.

We don’t want to see your beautiful home go underwater, so contact us today for backwater valve installation in the Toronto area.