Rooter Team: Plumbing Services in Etobicoke

plumbing services etobicokeIf you’re looking for plumbing services in the Etobicoke area look no further than the Rooter Team. We have over 20 years of first-hand experience fixing plumbing issues. Not only are we available 24/7 for your convenience but we offer our services at a low cost as well. The longer you wait to call the worse the problem will be so get a local Etobicoke plumber to take a look.

Why choose the Rooter Team as your plumbing contractors in Etobicoke?

Since we have plumbers in the Etobicoke area you know we’ll get to you ASAP. Plus the Rooter Team is known for our customer satisfaction. This is because we offer a variety of services with flat-rate fees. So it doesn’t matter when you need a plumber you’ll still get charged the same. The Rooter Team knows what’s best for your plumbing system. We’ll get the job done without a hassle. This is why we’re a well-used plumbing service in Etobicoke. With our selection of tools, we can take care of your home.

What services do we provide?

The Rooter Team provides a variety of services to help ensure your plumbing is working well. We offer services for whatever the plumbing issue may be.

  1. Camara Inspection – Did you know that there is a plumbing inspection every two years? This helps to prevent plumbing problems before they occur. A video camera can help us look through your entire plumbing system without having to dismantle anything. Plus if we know beforehand what the problem is we don’t have to waste your time or money. Camera inspections are a must for maintenance.
  2. Cleaning – It doesn’t matter if it’s your drain, pipes, or sewer system everything needs to be cleaned regularly if you don’t want a buildup of gunk in the system. We use the hydro jetting process which uses pressurized water to get rid of the build-up. This process is safe and doesn’t damage the system in any way. With a clean system, water will run better giving you better water flow.
  3. Clog Removal – Sometimes it can’t be helped that we get clogs in the system. Hair and other gunk ends up in the drain and makes it harder for water to leave. If you notice a foul odor or a backup of wastewater you probably have a clog.  Don’t worry we use a drain snake process to get rid of the build-up as quickly as possible. This uses an electric moving head that removes the clog.
  4. Replacement  – If your pipe has become too corroded it may be time to replace it. We use a trenchless pipe bursting process. So instead of digging which messes up your landscape we burst the pipe and push it deep underground leaving enough space to replace it with another one. We also offer excavation if you want to get rid of the old pipe completely. We can do it without affecting the soil in any negative way.
  5. Water Upgrades – Hate it when you want to relax with a nice shower but the water pressure is too low? We can fix that! The Rooter Team can upgrade your water service pipe to have a larger diameter. A ¾ diameter is an optimal size for high water pressure and better flow. This reduces water friction and gives you the upgrade that you’re looking for. Call us now.
  6. Frozen Pipe – When pipes freeze during the wintertime it can be a huge hassle for homeowners. Not only are you forced to wait for your water but you have to worry about the pipe bursting as well. Don’t wait if you realize you have a frozen pipe call for a plumber and let a small trickle of water flow so pressure doesn’t build up in the system. Avoid further damage to your home.
  7. Installation – Due to heavy rains or just how the landscape slopes to your home slopes, you get leaks in the basement. This causes mold and other bacteria to form harming your health. So if you want to prevent this from occurring we recommend installing a sump pump to drain the water and a backwater valve to prevent the backup of wastewater. With these installations, you can better protect your home.
  8. Waterproofing – When you want to prevent water damage to your home the best way to try is through waterproofing. We offer both internal and external services. With an external waterproofing service, we excavate near the foundation wall and fix all cracks before we coat it with a water-resistant material and install weeping tiles. With an internal waterproofing, we add drainage to the interior of your home to reroute the water.

24/7 plumbing in Etobicoke

When you call for the Rooter Team you don’t need to worry about the time. We are always ready to respond to your call. This means it doesn’t matter if it’s Thanksgiving or 2 in the morning we’ll be there. You don’t even need to worry about overtime charges because we offer a flat rate. Since we’re very familiar with the Etobicoke area you know you’ll get a quick response. Call a plumbing service with experience. Call the Rooter Team.