plumbing services east yorkThere is always a need for plumbing services whether it’s to unclog a drain, repair the pipes or just inspect the plumbing system in your home. When there is a plumbing emergency in Brampton why not call your local plumbers? Rooter Team has over 20 years of experience working on these exact plumbing issues. This is why we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Why choose the Rooter Team as your plumbing contractor in East York?

The Rooter Team is familiar with the East York area so you can expect a quick arrival from our plumbers if you call. It doesn’t matter when you need us. If you need plumbing assistance we will be more than happy to help. Since we are available anytime you don’t need to worry about timing. We are a well-regarded company in East York because we make sure to fix your problems with the least disruption to your home. Call the Rooter Team for reliable professionals who perform high-quality work.

What services do we provide?

The Rooter Team provides a variety of plumbing services to meet your needs. But we focus on three main areas for plumbing.

  1. Drain/Sewer Services – Drain and sewers are important parts of your plumbing system. They help get rid of the waste in your home. They perform an important task so if they weren’t working properly you would notice immediately.  Common problems include clogging which causes your system to take longer to get rid of fluids or a foul smell to occur. When there is a problem with the system there may be a few reasons why. This is why before we start dismantling your system we do a camera inspection to determine what the problems are and react accordingly.
    • Most likely though gunk has accumulated causing the clog. For this, we recommend hiring us for our drain/sewer cleaning services. We can make sure that your system doesn’t accumulate clogs for a while with our special cleaning solutions. We also offer hydro jetting which uses high pressured water to remove the buildup. This is done without any damage to the plumbing system. There are many ways we can remove these clogs but we prefer using our drain snake. This tool uses a spinning head to reach the clog and remove it from the system.
    • Another common reason for a clog maybe because the pipes are broken causing a buildup in the system. We offer repair and replacement services if that is the case. We even offer a trenchless pipe repair so that we cause the least disruption to your home. All we have to do is break the pipe and push it deep underground to allow space for the new pipe to be replaced. This saves you both time and money.
    • Sometimes the problem isn’t a buildup but the fact that water is coming back into your home. This happens during heavy rains and causes sewer water to enter your basement. Not only does this cause damage but bacteria to occur as well. This is why we offer backwater valve installation services. This prevents water from entering your home again.
  2. Water Services – Plumbing involves a lot of water problems but we have specialized services to deal with that.
    • If you hate the low water pressure in your home the Rooter Team can help. We offer a water service upgrade to increase your water pressure and flow. It may be how your plumbing system was designed but we’ll help fix it.
    • Have you noticed that your water tastes a little funny? If your home was built before the 1950s this may be due to the lead in the water. When hot water travels through the system it leaches the lead off the pipes. This can cause serious health problems. So call us for lead pipe replacement services.
    • Water flows continuously in our pipes to give us the service we need but during the wintertime, you may notice that this can be problematic. This is because water can freeze during the wintertime and the pressure can cause the pipes to burst. If water isn’t coming through or you notice a crack in the pipe, call us for water leak services.
  3. Waterproofing – There is always a chance that water can get into your home and cause damage. So before that happens why not waterproof instead.
    • To avoid causing a problem to the basement structure we offer external waterproofing services. This is where a thick water-resistant coat is sprayed on the walls to prevent water from entering. We then put gravel in the surrounding area and cement the wall for protection. We recommend doing this during the construction stage.
    • If that seems too disruptive to your home life we offer internal waterproofing services as well. This service ensures that all leaks are rerouted away from your home. There are two methods that we use. One is a device called a sump pump. This tool collects the water and sends it away from your home. Another method we use is a draining tool placed between your walls. This helps create a barrier to protect your home.

24/7 plumbing in East York

When you’re looking for a convenient plumber in east york & Surrounds? look no further than the Rooter Team. We offer 24/7 plumbing services. So it doesn’t matter if you call us at 3 in the morning or on Christmas day you can be sure that we will show up. Plus we don’t charge extra for overtime fees. What you see is what you get and our flat rates are very reasonable. Our plumbers are already available in East York so why not give us a call and we’ll be with you shortly. All you have to do is sit back and relax while our Rooter Team plumbers fix the issue. You won’t find a more reliable plumbing service in East York.