Backwater Valve

Install a Backwater Valve in Toronto

Is water returning to your home regularly? Is your property at risk of flooding? Then putting in a Backwater Valve is the way to go! Due to the reversal of water in your pipes, you are in danger of flooding and water damage to your home whenever there is heavy rain. Furthermore, sewage water may access your basement suddenly, causing substantial harm to whatever it reaches. Install a backwater valve in Toronto to fix this issue and avoid the associated damages and costs.

What is a Backwater Valve?

Backwater valves are devices that are installed in your drain pipes or sewage system. It prevents sewage and water from backing up into your building from the public sewer. The backwater valve only goes in one direction that controls the reverse flow of water or sewage into your home. When a city’s sewer pipes can’t handle a considerable volume of rain or excess water, backwater valves are activated, putting properties connected to storm lines in jeopardy of having water flow back inside them. A Backwater Valve directs the flow of sewage or water away from your home in one direction. Unexpected rainfall, for example, can make city sewer lines overflow. As a result, sewer water will run back into your property. A backwater valve is used in this scenario. The backwater valve keeps sewage from backing up into your house.

What is The Mechanism Behind it?

A tiny flap inside the valve opens to allow water to depart your home while escaping sewage gases. When sewer water starts to come back into your house, a little flotation mechanism on each side of the flap seals the flap. These tiny floating devices will seal off your property and deter any water or sewage from entering. Gravity will drive the flap to open, and water will circulate away from your house after the water stops travelling in the wrong direction.


They can be built into new residences or retrofitted onto existing ones. The installation will require a plumbing license from your municipality.

They dig down to the central sewer system, cut out a section, and replace it with a new valve. These valves are transparent, so it’s easy to see if they’re working.

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