Hydro jetting is the process of using a high-pressured flow of water up to 3500 Psi. It effectively removes scale and cleans any type of buildup. Different kinds of nozzles are used to perform the cleaning. The choice of a nozzle and water pressure applied depend on the task at hand.

Hydro jetting allows to clean any kind of pipes without damaging the whole system. A hose for high pressured water which is connected to the Hydro jetting machine is inserted in the drain pipe and then directed to the direction of the buildup. Water dispensing nozzles are attached to the end of the hose. Their openings are pointed in the opposite direction which ensures gentle and effective cleaning. The hose is moved inside the pipe due to the reactive

force. A nozzle removes the debris while water currents remove scale off the pipe walls. At the final stage, while the hose is pulled back, it removes lose debris.