Tree roots



Food, hair, along with other man made objects are not the only thing that can disrupt your pipes. Even the most natural and uncontrollable things like tree roots can have a negative impact on your plumbing. Keep reading to find out how to identify, prevent and solve tree roots wreaking havoc on your home plumbing system.

Warning Signs

Spotting a potential tree root plumbing blockage early is key to minimizing damage.  THe following are preliminary warning signs that you have or will have an issue with tree roots and plumbing.  

Unusual grass growth is a sign of wonky plumbing in regards to nature’s roots.  With all the extra water underground in the areas of the pipe problem, you will see beautiful growth.  This growth tends to be patchy though as all the other areas aren’t getting this much water.

Foul odor is another thing you will notice if you have a root problem terrorizing your pipes.  Regardless of whether or not you are noticing unusual grass growth, it is hard to miss the overbearing smell of a sewage leak.  The smell will be similar to rotting eggs or sulfur, and may even crawl into the house if it isn’t addressed.

Poor indoor drainage is a second signal to any homeowner that there’s an issue with regards to their plumbing. Any poor drainage issue should be taken seriously and evaluated.  Drainage issues from tree roots are characterized many times by the inability to flush things down the toilet easily.

Toilet gurgling Is yet another sign of root intrusion on your sewage pipes.   of are being meaning there’s a blockage somewhere on your sewage line.  Your best bet in this scenario, is to check if there are any of the other warning signs.  If there aren’t yet, keep an eye out or call a plumber to have them check for you.

Toilet Gurgling

Risk factors

After around 25 years of plumbing, your pipes no longer have the strength needed to keep the roots away. Piping in the home is safe many times as it is secure in the foundation, though roots know no rules. Clay pipes are porous and crack easily, while that might not be an issue during installation, down the road you will want to check up on them. When a tree or other thick plant root grows into the plumbing, it will not budge and can lead to backups internally. Another risk factor is how close your sewage pipes are to nearby trees and shrubs. The closer the proximity, the higher the risk for malfunction. Trees can grow very fast, the pressure that the speed puts onto porous clay pipes will cause them to break and give you problems. Yet another risk factor comes from quickly growing trees. Poplar, willow, and red maple are a few of the faster growing trees. Ensure that you are keeping these away and monitoring to lessen the risks associated with sewage pipes.


An important thing to do to prevent tree roots from invading your sewage pipes is, to take a look where your sewage line is when you are planning your landscape. Obviously, you don’t want to plant a tree directly next to your sewage line.
When planting new trees, opt for a species that has less aggressive or offensive roots. being mindful of the species you plant, can save you lots of turmoil in the long run when it comes to your sewer pipes.
With that being said don’t go in your backyard and cut down a tree that is close to your sewer line. Instead, just keep an eye out for any of the warning signs. If you are concerned calling a plumber is never a bad idea, they will be able to give you a definite answer.
Try using PVC pipes rather than clay. PVC pipes are much more flexible and pose less of a risk after the soil has set. Cracks occurring are much rarer in PVC pipes than clay pipes as they are not purus like clay.

PVC Pipes


Attempting to fix a broken clay pipe in your yard is most certainly not advised. Do not try to fix the pipe yourself, you could end up causing more damage and ruining your yard. Instead, call a plumber at your earliest convenience. A plumber will have the right tools to deal with the situation at hand and can implement precautions to prevent the cracking or breaking of the pipes again. The Rooter Team has a massive amount of experience and would be more than willing to solve your tree root traumas. Even if it hasn’t happened yet, give us a call or fill out a form and we will come check out the situation with your pipes, no problem.

Hopefully with this information under your belt, you will be prepared for what is to come next. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned difficulties, you are not the only one; hundreds of people experience this each year. Call the Rooter Team today for your free estimate about your blocked drains services!