Drain Unblocking

How to Unblock a Blocked Sewer Drain

A sewer line obstruction can cause a terrible odour in your bathroom and can back up in your pipes, flooding your bathroom. So how do you unclog a sewer line? There are many options for clearing a sewer line. All you need are the correct tools, some time, and a little work.  You can rest assured that the proper equipment is being used with professional services, and you can get back to having a functional plumbing system in your house. We can best assess and rectify the condition by spotting a clog or a blocked sewer drain in the plumbing.

Step 1: Determine The Extent Of The Damage

You can inspect the sewer pipe yourself to see if it’s clogged. This will help you determine whether you can fix it independently or require professional assistance. Next, try to pinpoint the source of the leak. If the pipe is exposed or mould symptoms on the walls or ceilings, you can do so.

Step 2: Remove a Minor Obstruction

If you think it’s just a minor blockage, use a drain cleaner to clear it out. First, however, you should determine whether or not a drain cleaning can help. It’s great for slow drains, not for wholly clogged drains. You must also keep it on the drain for some time to work. However, it can be used to avoid future clogs if applied correctly. A plunger can also be used to clear the blockage. Simply cover the aperture with a plunger and plunge consistently and forcefully. You may need to repeat the operation several times until the drain is clear.

Step 3 – Clear a Major Obstacle

If the obstruction is located further down, you may need to employ a snake. A cleanout is frequently used to get access to the pipe. Open the cover and push it into the opening to utilize the snake. Continue pressing until you reach a stumbling obstacle. To hook the debris, twist the snake and draw it out.

If the drain snake could not complete the task, you would have to excavate the dirt to replace the pipe. This is a challenging assignment to complete on your own. As a result, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional plumber.

A clogged drain pipe may seem minor at first, but it may quickly become a major problem if ignored. With the right professional solutions, you can address the issue before it’s too late and ensure that your plumbing runs appropriately. With our assistance, you can revitalize your plumbing and clear any obstructions that may have formed behind the scenes. To learn more about these services, please contact us today.