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How To Tell If You Need Pipe Replacement In Toronto

Pipe replacement in Toronto is essential to maintaining your home property and ensuring the safety of every occupant. 

Water is a must-have resource, but with less than ideal piping, you can risk lowering the water quality or even impacting your overall health. From family to friends or even garden usage, older, degraded sections could risk your property’s health. 

However, when you understand what to look for, you can actively maintain your home space and allow for clean water every time. 

Read on to find out more about these signs of degradation. 

Discolored Water

Having minor or infrequent discoloration isn’t anything to worry about, usually. However, having consistent issues with murky water can be a sign of a much larger underlying issue. 

On the other hand, if the water continues to look brown, yellow, red, or orange, there is a good chance you need to stop using your water right away and get a professional inspection done. 

This discoloration results from rusted and corroded elements in the system, causing minor and potentially major issues when ingested. As the plumbing elements deteriorate, the rusted bits of a metal chip off, flowing into your water supply and colouring the water. 

The darker the colour, the more contaminants are in the water, and the closer your pipes are to breaking down completely.

Visible Corrosion

Most of the plumbing in a home is buried under the foundation, beneath the floors, or behind the walls, so you won’t often be able to see any visible damage or wear and tear. However, if you have exposed piping in your home, you can more easily detect corrosion and other issues like flaking and discoloured sections. 

In addition, if the exposed elements are corrupted, the covered sections in your building are more than likely to take on the same damage and need replacing as soon as possible.

Consistently Clogging Pipes

Consistently clogged drains often mean you have a clog deep within the plumbing itself, sometimes from debris and other times from tree roots pushing up through your water system. These blockages cause more pressure and corrosion within the plumbing system. 

No matter the cause for the clog, you’ll need to have the issue resolved immediately. 

However, if you’ve had a plumbing expert repair clogged drains and pipes multiple times within a short time frame but still experience clogs, you should just replace your piping altogether.

Pipe replacement in Toronto is needed to ensure your home can stand the test of time, providing fresh, clean water to you and your family. 

With the right services, you can ensure you always have access to clean water. Contact us today to find out more.