Drain Pipe Cleaning

How To Keep Your Restaurant Drain Pipes Clean in Oakville, Ontario!

The phrase ‘running a restaurant’ is apt because they certainly keep owners and managers running around a lot.  It is a high pressure industry that deals directly with the, sometimes, serving daunting public an emotional product: food.

You need to take care of hygiene, ingredients, short term and long term equipment, staff with creative personalities and time management issues, administration, décor, fixtures and customers. Why on earth would you add cleaning drains in your Oakville, ON, restaurant onto that backlogged list!

Here are some tips from our team of professional drain cleaner to avoid unexpected business downtime due to blocked drains:

The Hard Working Grease Trap

These fixtures are quietly saving your kitchen on a daily basis. Give them an appreciative clean once a week. If it is 50% full with weekly cleans then you need more frequent cleaning.

Check the trap personally after each clean to see if that it has been deep cleaned and not just the top layer skimmed off. The grease floats to the top and the sludge sinks to the bottom. Some regions have legislation that limits sludge to 25% levels at which time you must clean the trap.

Consider sending old oil for recycling instead of disposing it into the drain. Encourage staff to clean off plates more thoroughly into the bin before washing. Don’t use an Insinkerator/inline garbage disposal as it fills the grease trap quickly.

Keep a logbook recording of all your grease trap cleaning. 

The Chemical Calamity

If your grease trap or grease interceptor battles to keep up with your booming, deep-fried business don’t try to solve it with chemical drain cleaners.

You could be serving yourself up a huge plate of problems. They can corrode and/or severely damage your plumbing pipes and plumbing fixtures.  At the most we would propose you try hot water and bleach followed immediately by vinegar and baking soda. 

The Sneaky Food Deposits

The whole world knows that drains are not designed for food particles but staff will rush and think that a few bits of carrot are ok. Over time your food scraps, being stockpiled in your drains, will make their presence felt. Food = trash cans, there is no plumbing option. 

The Drain Covers Final Frontier

If you can find one, install drain covers to all your sinks to catch those sneaky food deposits.  Unfortunately some staff may pick them up and empty them into the sink and wash the contents down the drain anyway but we can always hope.

Drain covers send the right message and save your plumbing by catching blockage culprits.  Having a bin closer to the sink will encourage more scraping into bins.

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