Drain Pipe in Hamilton

How NOT To Unblock Your Drain Pipe in Hamilton!

Plumbing calamities present health, structural and olfactory problems so it is important to know the correct actions to take. Let’s talk about that pesky blocked drain.

When drains are blocked, some property owners throw many ‘solutions’ at the problem which, unwittingly, can cause more harm than good.  Read on to learn about the good, the bad and the time to call a professional 

‘Solution’ #1

Pouring down a bottle of hellfire chemicals to unblock your drain pipe in Hamilton looks easy peasy, doesn’t it? We would caution you with those products.  They are not A.I. nanobots that specifically target localized blockages.

Those chemicals are effective, yes, and will destroy the offending blockage – and everything around it!  The products usually contain hydrochloric acid which can dissolve some rocks, shells, pearls and parts of copper. It also releases a gas which is very harmful and in severe cases, can cause pulmonary and circulatory problems. It can burn your skin and can cause burns or permanent damage to the eyes.

Property owners often lean over the drain, with no protective mask (against gas) on, and start the chemical reaction. Do NOT do this.

‘Solution’ #2

So you’ve opted not to use the chemical cleaner in the interest of safety and decide to fashion a tool out of ‘something’. Your plan of action is to stick the ‘something’ down the pipe and shove it as hard as you can.

You are setting yourself up for a broken or damaged pipe or an even more compacted blockage.  Do NOT do this.

‘Solution’ #3

You have some plumber’s equipment you have bought in sales over the years and now you can finally put them to good use. Be careful.  It is not all about the equipment. You need the experience to understand the pressure to use, the timing, the correct application, etc. You can damage or break a pipe in a few seconds.

Professional grade hydro jetters and high power snakes are available from stores. If you are not highly experienced in using them then you could be blasting yourself into personal injury and bad pipe damage. Do NOT do that.

What you CAN do

1) Maintain your pipes to prevent clogs.

2) Use a beard trimming mat over the basin to stop hair going down the basin drain.

3) Use a water drop hair catcher over the basin drain

3) User a shower drain hair catcher over the shower drain

4) Brush your hair before you get into the shower. This significantly reduces the amount of hair loss in the shower.

5) Use eco-friendly, proactive drain cleaners once a month. These utilize bacteria to feed on blockages.

6) Pour a gallon of hot water with a quarter cup of dishwashing detergent down the drain. Dishwashing detergent is a mild anti-greasing agent (that’s why your skin gets dry from washing dishes).

7) Put petroleum jelly around the rim of your old fashion plunger and plunge with swift, hard movements.

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