Just like anything else in life, plumbing can sometimes require your attention. Especially when things start going sideways with your drains. Floor drains can be found in laundry rooms, basements and showers most notably; however, they can be anywhere in the home. So here we will see when you need to look at repairing your floor drain, what causes floor drain issues, and the solutions for malfunctioning drains.

When do you need a floor drain repair?

If you see some dirt or other debris coming up through your drain, it is time to call a plumber.  This means that there is a backup in your sewer line and what you are putting down the drain can’t get through.  The sewer problem that might look like a little dirt coming up may actually be a lot more serious than it seems.  

A bad-smelling drain can mean a lot of things.  None of which are all that pleasant.  Some drain stenches can be corrected using at-home methods.  In certain situations though, you have to call a plumber.  In other situations, a bad smelling drain could mean something more.  An odor can be a sign of buildup, backup, or mold.

Slow draining drains pose more issues as well.  When it comes to slow draining, It’s hard to tell if it’s just a big hairball blocking the drain or a deeper issue.  Slow draining is another symptom of sewer backups and other more serious concerns.  If it is just a hairball what happens if it can’t be extracted properly?

In any three of these cases, or if there’s another weird occurrence you’re experiencing with your drain, call a plumber to have them diagnose and treat the problem on hand.


Each of the following cause drain problems, read to see why and if you need a plumber to fix the issue.

Causes of debris and overflow:
  • Flushing stuff down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed
    • Those warning signs saying ‘only flush toilet paper down aren’t there for decoration.  Flushing food, grease, or any other products down there will more than likely give your sewer system a run for its money.  Once your sewer system is clogged you will have floor drain problems.  The Debris will not be able to escape and it will come back up.
    • You need a plumber.
  • Broken pipes
    • Tree roots can make an absolute mess out of your sewage system.  For more information on tree root damage, check this out .
    • You need a plumber.
  • Big rainstorms
    • Big rainstorms can flood municipal sewerssually doesnt last for too long and if it floods too much you will need to contact insurance.
    • If nothing changes within a day call a plumber.
  • No backflow valve
    • Backflow valves operate to prevent water from flowing back into your home.  These are a great way to prevent flooding.
    • Call a plumber to discuss solutions.

Causes of Smell:

Sewage backup

  • Backed up sewage smells, if you are smelling rotten eggs, chances are that is raw sewage that can’t get through the pipes. Call your plumber.

Dirty drain

  • Sometimes your drain just needs a good clean, built up bacteria in your drain can facilitate a nasty smell if it isn’t cleaned. If the smell persists, call a plumber.


Clog and bacteria buildup

    • Just like when the drain is a little dirty, small clogs like hair can cause bacteria build up and eventually cause things to smell. Some clogs are easily cleared, larger clogs need the help of a plumber to clear.


    • Mold doesn’t have a pleasant smell, and it grows best in warm dark moist surfaces, a floor drain services Hamilton is the perfect habitat for mold. Call a plumber to check it out.
Cause of slow draining/no draining:


    • When a pipe breaks in the ground, it will take the water more time to drain.  That’s because the water is seeping out into the soil rather than flowing fluently. Call a plumber.


    • A blockage in your drain will prevent water from flowing through your pipes.  Blocks can be caused from many things, and unfortunately are no true at-home solutions. Call a plumber.

Full drain

    • If your drain is full from events out of your control (like a storm), you won’t be able to drain any water down the pipes.  Full drains can also be a symptom of other issues mentioned like clogs, or breaks so keep an eye on it. If your drain doesn’t drain or is “full” call a plumber.


When we are able to diagnose the issue with your pipe we will treat it with one of our many services. Some of the procedures we may perform are drain snaking, chemical disolvers, pipe replacement, and to revent, backflow valve, sump pump, and waterproofing. We offer a variety of other services for emergency repairs and preventative measures. Check out all of our available services here


To conclude, if you need drain services in Toronto, call the Rooter team to identify and fix the problem on hand. We will give you an estimate and a satisfaction guarantee!