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Everything You Need to Know About Blocked Drains

Most of us will encounter a clogged drain at any given moment in our lives. A blocked drain can happen anytime, whether it’s in your shower drain, kitchen sink, or external drain. The good news is that you can prevent your drains from getting blocked. However, there isn’t always much you can do to avoid a clogged drain from affecting your life. As a result, we’ve put up a guide covering all you need to understand regarding a blocked drain and how a blocked drain cleaner can be a solution and what to do if one occurs.

What Causes Drain Blockages?

A variety of factors can cause blocked drains. You can avoid some. Unfortunately, some are not. The following are the most prevalent causes of clogged drains:

  • Soap residue is a type of scum that forms on the surface
  • Hair
  • Food waste is a severe problem.
  • Oil vs. fat
  • Wipes or toilet tissue
  • sanitary supplies
  • Mud
  • Roots of trees
  • Leaves

What Symptoms Indicate a Blocked Drain?

If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have a clogged drain, it’s critical to recognize the warning signals so you can intervene before severe damage transpires.

The following are some of the vital warning signs to keep an eye out for:

  • The drain has a nasty odour.
  • Water that is slowly emptying
  • Water levels are rising.
  • Unusual whooshing and gurgling sounds. 

If you observe any of these indicators, you should contact your local drain unblocking professionals as soon as possible to resolve the issue. 

Is it Possible For Clogged Drains to Lead to More Serious Issues?

If you ignore a clogged drain, it can quickly escalate into a more severe condition. Gutters that are clogged can be hazardous to your health and the health of people who live in your home. And, if water backs up from the sewer, being exposed to it due to a clogged drain could be very dangerous.

Untreated clogged drains can lead to catastrophic leaks or flooding in the future.

What to Do If Your Drain Is Blocked

You may be able to remove minor obstructions yourself with a drain snake, which you can purchase at most hardware stores. You can also use a mixture of boiling water and baking soda to clean the drain. However, this is merely a DIY solution and should be handled by a professional instead. Contact a drain unblocking professional if the blockage is severe.

  • The Rooter Team assesses drainage issues and clears clogs using the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

For a blocked drain cleaner, call us at 647-861-7191. Our technicians have been trained and have the necessary experience to handle the most challenging jobs.