Battling a Clogged Sink in Toronto? Learn Pro Tips to Keep Your Drains Healthy

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Rinsing dishes and washing our faces early in the morning  are activities we do every day, but often neglect the systems that allow it to happen, namely your sink. Just imagine washing your face with the same water every day because it won’t go down the drain! 

It goes without saying that your home’s sinks, drains, and the pipes that comprise them are essential to your day-to-day life, which means they need to be in the best condition possible. 

Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that can get you caught in a never-ending loop. The more you use the sink, the more items go down the drain, and the greater the chances of it clogging. So, you call the plumber to clear out the blockage, and your loop starts over again. 

This can become quite annoying, especially when you’re not practicing care. But, with a little insight and guidance from Toronto’s best plumbers, you can ensure your sinks and drains remain clean and work efficiently, indefinitely.

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Common Causes Of Clogged Sinks

There are two main causes of a sink becoming clogged, either a build-up of grime and debris, or from an object being logged suddenly. Thankfully, both these cases can be avoided, you just need to take care when using your sink! 

Follow these useful tips to keep your drains clean: 

Tip #1

One of the most common origins of a clogged sink is from rinsing scraps and food items down the drain. Another culprit that many people knowingly dispose of down their kitchen sink is oil, which can cause serious problems in large quantities. 

Before washing your dishes, scrape excess food into the trash and discard oil in a non-recyclable container. 

Tip #2

The bathroom sink is also susceptible to becoming clogged, with common culprits being a build-up of hair and soap scum. To prevent a blockage, consider a weekly clean using baking soda and vinegar, followed by a run of hot water.

Clogged sinks can be a major inconvenience in the home, but you don’t have to live with them for long when you call Rooter Team! 

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The Mysteries of Your Clogged Sink in Toronto

Battling a clogged sink in Toronto can get messy, but that’s why we are here to help! Rooter Team will resolve the blockage before disaster ensues, so give us a call today!

You’ve been smelling something rather off putting for a few days now, but you just cannot place your finger on where it’s coming from. Granted, you’ve recently adopted a puppy that is not yet house trained, your kids are not the most diligent with keeping their pet hamster’s cage clean and you know the garbage disposal has its issues, so you do your best to mask the smells as best you can, even though the uncertainty of their origin is keeping you awake at night with a bottle of air freshener at the ready. 

Still, the horrid smell persists, and it lingers throughout the house as if something were rotting inside the walls. So, the investigation begins. You start with a new set of bright yellow gloves, waging war on your home with the most potent detergents you can find. After scrubbing every inch of your home, you finally go to refresh with a glass of water; only, before you turn the kitchen tap on, it dawns on you – the sink! 

Hiding in Plain Sight

It’s undeniably easy to shift blame when our senses are assaulted with putrid smells, and most times, we don’t give it a second thought. It was probably just the dog, we say, oftentimes allowing humour to overshadow the fact that our home’s unfortunately do not smell like a bed of roses. 

But, although there are many culprits to bad smells in the home, the offputting, determined and stomach-turning ones are typically cause for concern. The most common is a clogged sink. 

From the kitchen to the bathroom, drains are integral to how well your home’s plumbing system functions. So, when something causes a blockage, you are almost guaranteed to be sent a smelly message that you need a professional plumber immediately. Things such as food scraps, grease, hair, soap scum, and sanitary towels being flushed down the toilet can all cause a clogged sink, but removing it and cleaning out your pipes is best left to the professionals.

Bad smells are inevitable, and to make things worse, they are often hiding in plain sight, such as the chicken bone that’s been blocking your garbage disposal for the last week! But, with a bit of guidance and expertise from your local plumber, you can quickly restore your home to a sanctuary of freshness with well-working plumbing that no longer keeps you awake at night!

All you need to do is give Rooter Team a call so you can finally put your clogged sink in Toronto behind you!

When to Call the Pros for a Clogged Sink in Toronto

Managing a clogged sink in Toronto is best left to reliable professionals. With experts on the scene to help you, you can have the best tools and resources and ensure the issue will be resolved correctly. When you need to know if it is time to call in the professionals, ask yourself the following questions, call us immediately to get your home plumbing working and know if it is dire. Read on to find out more.

Is It Spreading?

If the issue at hand is no longer contained to just the drain and has begun to make its way out, it is time to call in the professionals. It may be a small mess that might, at this point, be kept in the basin, or you may be able to maintain it as a small amount over time easily. Or maybe you can contain it in an easily cleaned room. These are false senses of security, as when the issue gets worse, it will get back quickly, and you may have to replace more than just a pipe or fitting. Without the right services, you could end up ruining floors and carpets throughout your home. If you see signs of leaks or overflow, it is time to call in for some help. 

Does it Slow Throughout the House?

Does the slowdown or blockage affect every drain in the house? If the answer is yes, the clog is in the main drain somewhere and needs to be taken care of by a professional. You need someone who can thoroughly inspect your plumbing to find the source of the issue and design the best management method. When you are seeing signs of slowing of blocked water through the house, you need to get the help of an expert right away. 

Is It Localised?

If the issue is localized, is it one room or two? Having a drainage issue in a single room is less desperate than an issue throughout the house. While still something to be concerned about and tended to, the rush to get it resolved relies on your need to use the space rather than household safety. A problem in more spaces than one is always a sign of a much deeper issue.

Take care of your clogged sink in Toronto right away. With professional help from our team, you get the right tools for the job. Contact us today to find out more!

How To Prevent A Clogged Sink In Toronto

When dealing with a clogged sink in Toronto you can face a number of issues that can result in costly repairs and professional service solutions. These issues can lead to plumbing problems, and it’s certainly easier to focus on prevention rather than maintenance. While the experts are always the best way to go, there are ways you can take care of your home on a day to day basis. So, if you want to keep your home’s drains free and clear, here are three quick and easy tips you need to know.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

As prevention is the first step to a clear and usable system it makes sense that regular cleanings go a long way in preventing any issues from building up. Use either recommended cleaning products in your home, or make use of the best professional services in order to keep your system running as intended. Expert service p[roviders can give you advice and guidance as to the best solutions to maintain your plumbing.

Some Things Should Never Be Put Down the Drain

Some items are terrible for your home’s plumbing: coffee grounds, grease and hair are three of the biggest reasons for a build up within your plumbing. Pour grease into a container for future reuse or for disposal in the trash. Toss coffee grounds in the trash or use them in your compost. Finally, use screens or drain-gates to keep hair out of your drains. All of these will help to reduce the buildup and rot of organic matter. If grease does go down your plumbing, be sure to follow it up with a dish soap and boiling water mixture.

Hot Water Is A Great Preventative

Simply running hot water down your drains after you use the kitchen sink can be massively beneficial to the health of your plumbing. This will help clear out any leftover food debris, and will make future cleaning quicker and easier. This is probably the easiest way to ensure a clear flow through your plumbing. 

When dealing with a clogged sink in Toronto you need to be able to rely on professional help in your home. With expert advice you can resolve the issue right away. Ensure the health and wellness of your family and be sure to call in the trusted experts when you need help with durian and plumbing maintenance!