Got a Clogged Pipe? Clogged Drain?

clogged-drain-pipe-repair-torontoThere are many reasons of slow draining or clogged sink fixtures in Toronto. It may be just not by code installation, blocked drain or even more serious problem such as not properly functional drain/sewer pipes. Rooter Team the professional blocked drain company will make sure that your problems are revealed by our experienced plumbers.

Clogged Main Drain / Sewer?

Drain systems may not function properly because the main pipe is clogged. It starts at the main house stacks and runs under the interlayer and concrete and then joins the main city pipe which directs the sewage to the water treatment plant.

Clogged drain or sewer pipe is an Emergency situation because house residents are not able to use their water facilities. In such cases, you need the best-blocked drain services provider who can identify the reason and recommend the best solution how to unclog drain. Proper diagnostics of blocked drain ensures fast and efficient solution.

Clogged sink? Got blockage?

Clogged sinks can occur in any house when debris is collected in the pipe. The buildup consists

of vegetable scrapes, grease, dust particles and etc.

The level of debris cannot be always visually assessed. If this is light buildup, it may result in slower water drainage. The pipes may eventually clean themselves.

If there is a lot of debris, it is better to contact a blocked drain plumber. We use a Snake Machine which not only removes the debris causing the problem but also cleans pipe walls.