Your Blocked Drain Plumber and the Moment of Truth

One of the most annoying and somewhat embarrassing moments is when your plumber pulls out the object that was obstructing your drain. Actually, it can be an anxiety trigger, especially when you know you haven’t been very kind to your home’s plumbing!

But, we all experience a blocked drain and need a plumber to rescue us from the horrid smells and dirty backflow water, so all we can do is grin and bear it when the fault is finally revealed. 

Hopefully, it’s nothing too serious causing the blockage, but either way, Rooter Team can help get to the bottom of the problem and professionally clean your drains. Just give us a call to make an appointment!

It Wasn’t Me! Or Was It?

In a busy family house, simply getting your turn to use the bathroom is challenging enough! So, when there’s a plumbing issue, things can quickly turn to the dark side! 

Every morning you wake up to a closed bathroom door, knocking insistently for whoever has been in there for the past hour to let you relieve yourself, but today, things are a bit different. 

Instead of being met by a closed door, you walk obviously into a pool of water, feeling the cold penetrate through your socks. Something is wrong, you quietly tell yourself, and as you lift the lid of the toilet, every thought and question you had was confirmed and answered. 

Downstairs, the family are sitting around the kitchen table, and the atmosphere is tangibly tense as everyone argues over who clogged the toilet. But, again, as much as we don’t want to find out, it’s up to the plumber to reveal!

So, what are they going to find? Perhaps it’s the baby wipes you’ve been using instead of toilet paper or the multitude of earbuds you go through a week? Oh wait, maybe it’s the sock you accidentally dropped inside the toilet but were too squeamish to fish out? Either way, you’re not looking forward to finding out!

The Moment of Truth

As the plumber goes about inspecting the drains around the home, looking for signs of what may be causing the backflow of water, you’re quietly preparing yourself for the worst. But, thankfully, it was not only one object to pin the blame on. Instead, a thick sludge of grease, leaves, rotting food, and yes, a lonely sock was uncovered to be the cause of the blockage. 

As relieved as you are, you never want to suffer another minute of plumbing disaster anxiety, and you vow then and there to treat your toilet with respect and to only flush appropriate items! Rooter Team’s blocked drain plumbers can restore your toilet’s flush and clear out your drains, so contact us today!

Why You Need a Professional Company to Manage a Blocked Drain

When you have a blocked drain, you need a company you can trust to take care of the problem as soon as possible and restore your home to its balance and harmony. Our expert team can effectively remove debris and ensure that no more build-up will occur with correct use with the right tools and materials. When you have a serious issue, don’t try a potentially costly and ineffective DIY solution. Call our team to resolve the issue right away. Read on to see why you need these services for your home. 

Eliminates Nasty Odours

When you have professional maintenance solutions for your home, you can take the right precautions to keep the pipes free, and the wastewater is flowing through the system. When the flow stops or is slowed, it can be from a build-up of organic material below the sink that can begin to cause  a foul smell to come from the plugholes. When you have the right tools and methods to treat your plumbing, you can ensure no build-up of materials forming beneath the surface.

Reduces The Chances Of A Clog

When you do not treat your pipes correctly, these buildups can cause several issues like clogs. When clogged, you will often get wastewater working its way back up into the sink or overflowing the toilet. This can often be devastating and damaging to a home. When you have experts to help you manage your plumbing, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is unlikely you will face a clogged system.

Protects Floors And Walls From Damage

The damage that can occur from these issues can be extensive and expensive. You need to call the right team for the job right away, as any settling or flooding can cause massive issues and potential health risks. When you have experts on-site, you can get the situation resolved quickly and be back in a clean home as soon as possible. 

Improve Health & Wellness

Bacteria break down organic matter to create bad odours and potentially spread diseases throughout your house. Slow or clogged drains are the perfect habitats for bacteria and mould to grow in and allow for quick routes through to the most hygiene focused parts of your home. 

When you use a blocked drain company, you can be certain that the most professional team manages your situation accordingly. With experience and know-how, we can resolve the immediate issues and identify potential problem areas to be fixed. With our team, you can ensure the health of your plumbing. Contact us today to find out more about these services.

The Benefits of a Plumber Treating a Blocked Drain

When you make use of a plumber to fix your blocked drain issue you can rest easy knowing that the problem has been solved in the most efficient and effective way possible. With insights into the inner workings of the systems, these professionals can ensure that all elements are managed and that no further issues will arise as a result of treatment. Read on to see how you can benefit from these expert solutions.

Safe Work

Not only can DIY cleaning be ineffective, but it can also be hazardous to your plumbing as well as your health. When using the incorrect, store-bought solutions you can cause far more harm to your drains, leading to corrosion, leaks, and burst pipes. While you may know the ideas behind plumbing, a professional understands every element and the role they play. This ensures not only a more effective way to approach the issue at hand but also a better knowledge of how it will impact the rest of the system. With efficient work, you have safer and cleaner work, which ensures less mess and more protection for your property or family. 

Effective Cleaning Solutions

Over-the-counter remedies cannot actually remove hair and other blockages that may have accumulated in the space. They simply clear the bottom of the pipe enough to temporarily restore function, rather than clear the bulk of what is causing the issue. As this has a slight effect, many people use it again and again in a short time which will, in turn, damage your plumbing overall. With the right solutions, you are able to tackle issues effectively and maintain the efficiency of your system.

Free Of Mess and Hassle

Drain cleaning can be challenging work, especially for unpracticed hands. Trying to clear hair and buildup out of your drains can also create a mess when done improperly. By taking advantage of professional services, you can skip the trouble of getting your hands dirty while saving time and money along the way.

Mainline Inspection

Professional services like these take the guesswork out of plumbing maintenance as it means you can get far more insight into what’s going on inside the pipes. This is thanks to specialty camera equipment that allows experts to complete mainline inspections. By taking a look inside of your system, professionals will be able to detect and manage the blockages or clogs causing issues.

When you need a blocked drain plumber be sure to get a reliable team that understands the issues at hand. Don’t go for DIY solutions that can ruin your system, rather give us a call to get our experts on site. 

Everything You Need to Know About Blocked Drains

Most of us will encounter a clogged drain at any given moment in our lives. A blocked drain can happen anytime, whether it’s in your shower drain, kitchen sink, or external drain. The good news is that you can prevent your drains from getting blocked. However, there isn’t always much you can do to avoid a clogged drain from affecting your life. As a result, we’ve put up a guide covering all you need to understand regarding a blocked drain and how a blocked drain cleaner can be a solution and what to do if one occurs.

What Causes Drain Blockages?

A variety of factors can cause blocked drains. You can avoid some. Unfortunately, some are not. The following are the most prevalent causes of clogged drains:

  • Soap residue is a type of scum that forms on the surface
  • Hair
  • Food waste is a severe problem.
  • Oil vs. fat
  • Wipes or toilet tissue
  • sanitary supplies
  • Mud
  • Roots of trees
  • Leaves

What Symptoms Indicate a Blocked Drain?

If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have a clogged drain, it’s critical to recognize the warning signals so you can intervene before severe damage transpires.

The following are some of the vital warning signs to keep an eye out for:

  • The drain has a nasty odour.
  • Water that is slowly emptying
  • Water levels are rising.
  • Unusual whooshing and gurgling sounds. 

If you observe any of these indicators, you should contact your local drain unblocking professionals as soon as possible to resolve the issue. 

Is it Possible For Clogged Drains to Lead to More Serious Issues?

If you ignore a clogged drain, it can quickly escalate into a more severe condition. Gutters that are clogged can be hazardous to your health and the health of people who live in your home. And, if water backs up from the sewer, being exposed to it due to a clogged drain could be very dangerous.

Untreated clogged drains can lead to catastrophic leaks or flooding in the future.

What to Do If Your Drain Is Blocked

You may be able to remove minor obstructions yourself with a drain snake, which you can purchase at most hardware stores. You can also use a mixture of boiling water and baking soda to clean the drain. However, this is merely a DIY solution and should be handled by a professional instead. Contact a drain unblocking professional if the blockage is severe.

  • The Rooter Team assesses drainage issues and clears clogs using the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

For a blocked drain cleaner, call us at 647-861-7191. Our technicians have been trained and have the necessary experience to handle the most challenging jobs.

3 Reasons You Need A Plumber For Your Blocked Drain

Blocked drains need plumbers, professional, trained and able professionals. Having this situation on hand is a major inconvenience and hindrance to daily life. While it’s tempting to pick up a chemical cleaner at your local shop and chug it down the drain to try to solve the issue yourself, sometimes this can make the clog worse and even break your system altogether. Rather than struggle with issue after issue, have a look at these three reasons why you need to hire an expert. 

Multiple Clogs

While a single, small clog may seem an easy task to tackle to most, there is very seldom just a single clog. When attempting to loosen and flush the initial clog, most will end up creating something far worse further down the system. If more than one of your plumbing fixtures is impacted by multiple blockages, you are definitely in need of skilled assistance. This can also sometimes be indicative of a backed-up sewer, which can cause disaster for your home if not managed correctly.

Lingering Odors

If there is a distinct and unavoidable odor in your home that you can’t seem to find the source of, your plumbing may be the cause of it. Organic matter is constantly being forced through your home’s pipes and systems, which helps create an environment where bacteria can thrive. This can result in a foul smell coming from deep within your pipes, permeating through your home or building. Often these intrusions are stuck in places where your previous products have not been able to reach. A professional will be able to remove this build-up from your pipe system and help your home smell fresh again without causing more issues down the road. With a trusted solution you can get your home back to 100%.

Sewage Backup

This final sign can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. When your sewer line is backed up and flowing over, contaminated elements can force their way back up through your pipes. This sewage can seep through every part of your home, even able to come up through your shower and kitchen sink. A professional solution can clear the clog and prevent this contaminated water from making occupants sick or causing damage to your home.

When you need a blocked drain plumber to solve your drainage situations, be sure to find the right, reliable team for the job Don’t hesitate to contact the Rooter Team right away when you need steadfast, trustworthy advice on your home system.