Plumbing Emergency

4 Steps To Handling A Plumbing Emergency

When you are faced with a plumbing emergency in Hamilton it is best to know how to handle the situation and who to call. As something that can happen anywhere, at any time, a leak or burst pipe can cause damage to your home or property if not managed correctly. When you are faced with a flood of water and panic, follow these tips to calm the situation until the professionals arrive on the scene.  

1. Call The Professionals

Call the professionals right away. While there are many things to be done at once, one of the first needs to be calling a plumber for help. With a team on the way to assist you, you can go about correcting and mitigating the damage where possible. 

2. Shot Off The Mains

First and foremost, shut off the water supply to stop the flow of liquid. Sometimes this can be done for the section or room alone, other times it will require the entire building’s supply to be shut off in order to stop the pressure. As a homeowner you will probably know where the main shut off tap is, closing this as soon as possible means lowering any potential damage that has already or could occur before everything is fixed. 

3. Know Your Plunger

In the case of an overflowing sink or toilet, a plunger will come in handy time and time again. Every homeowner should own a plunger, and specifically the right plunger for the job. These nifty items can potentially save you hundreds on clogged pipes and can be bought from many places at a relatively cheap price. Most soft blockages will break down and pass through pipe work. If the blockage doesn’t clear, continue with the steps and wait for the professionals to arrive.

4. Repair What You Can

If dealing with a leak from an exposed pipe, for example, try to plug the leak as much as possible with plumbers tape or something similar. This will minimise the damage until the tradie arrives on-site to fix it properly. With the pressure right down it should be fairly easy to plug up for the short term. 

When you are dealing with an emergency, be sure to follow these steps to mitigate the damage done to your property until the professionals arrive on the scene. When dealing with this type of plumbing service in Hamilton, be sure to call the reliable organisation in your community, contact Rooter Team now to speak to the professionals!

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